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How about the size of the European style sofa?

Sofa because of its style and style of change, so it is difficult to have an absolute size standards, there are only some conventional sofa size. In addition, there is a unified calculation method in the world, that is, measuring the width, depth and height of the sofa, and then describing the size of the sofa as “width * depth * height”, unit mm. In some places, the size of a sofa is expressed as “* * width * height”, which is not standard.
Let’s begin with a detailed idea of what the width, depth, and height of the sofa are.

What’s the size of the continental sofa?

The arm of the sofa size: General 560600mm so high, if no sofa armrest, with a few a few words, angle, angle, at several heights should also be as high as 60mm. To facilitate the pillow hand, call, write, put the desk lamp, etc..
European sofa pictures
European sofa pictures
Single sofa size: width: 800-950mm, depth: 850-900mm; seat height: 350-420mm; back height: 700-900mm;
Size of double sofa: width: 1260-1500mm; depth: 800-900mm;
Size of three person sofa: width: 1750-1960mm; depth: 800-900mm;
Four person sofa size: width: 2320-2520mm; depth: 800-900mm.

Sofa, what brand, good sofa, ten big list

Sofa ten big brands list, ten famous brand sofa, sofa brand ranks <2017>
About 1. furniture ZUOYOU
Began in 1986, Guangdong famous trademark, Asia’s larger middle and high-grade sofas professional manufacturers, living room cultural engineering pioneer, about Shenzhen Furniture Co., Ltd.
2. KUKA KuKa
Zhejiang famous trademarks, listed companies, well-known software home operators, specializing in living room and bedroom furniture products research / development / production / sale of enterprises, KUKA, Limited by Share Ltd
Founded in 1992 in Hongkong, USI holdings’s well-known software furniture brand, first-class cabin sofa sofa ranked the highest sales volume, manufacturing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
4. large sofa Daban
Began in 1988, Henan famous trademark, sofa ten brands, green furniture environmental certification, Asia’s larger sofa production base, Hongkong large class Furniture Group Co., Ltd.
5. all friends home QUANU
Founded in 1986, it is a large scale panel furniture manufacturer with R & D / production / sales. It is one of the leading international furniture industrial ports in China
6. Southern home
Sichuan famous brand, Sichuan famous brand product, software furniture industry standard drafting unit, Sichuan furniture comprehensive strength leading brand, Chengdu South Furniture Co., Ltd.
7. Federal Reserve
Began in 1984, Guangdong famous trademark, leisure leather sofa independent design founder, environmental health sofa brand representatives, Guangdong Federal furniture Group Co., Ltd.
8. furniture JISI
Began in 1988, Jiangbei large software furniture production base, the overall heat treatment bed core / cloth bag spring, sofa, cushion and other suppliers, Yantai Shi Furniture Group Co., Ltd.
9. sikexin SCIHOME
In 1999, the domestic large scale furniture manufacturing enterprises, large Home Furnishing operators, professional furniture manufacturer, Jiangsu sikexin furniture Limited by Share Ltd
10. Steel-land
Italy famous furniture brand in 1994 to enter China, specializing in the overall furniture research / design / production / sales services, Kim Fuji furniture (Heshan) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Sofa brand consumer guide

Sofa is an important part of furniture decoration, not only affect the overall design of our home style, but also directly affect our quality of life, and even health. Now buying sofas, everyone likes to choose brands. Then what brand of sofa is good? Which brand is good for functional sofa? Which areas of the sofa are the most widely distributed? Where can I find a better sofa? What are some of the brand names such as big brand, famous brand, provincial brand and so on? In order to give the consumers sofa Market to provide real and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data support, sofa ten brands list for your website statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.

How to clean and maintain the sofa cover?

Cleaning method:
1, wet towel: if the sofa is not particularly dirty, can use slightly wet clean cloth to gently remove dirt, also can remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner. It is better to use weaker suction to prevent the fabric from breaking and affecting the service life;
2, if the choice is dry: Velvet cap, this kind of material can not be above water must be dry; and other sofa is preferable to dry after washing, so as to avoid shrinkage deformation;
3, professional cleaning: through the use of professional cleaning agent, can a great extent, let us clean the sofa cover, and will not appear “fold” phenomenon

Leather sofa pad cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning method:
1 egg: use egg to wipe dirty leather sofa cushion, a piece of clean cloth dipped in some white being polished, can remove smear, and can make the surface bright as ever.
2, general cleaning: if the leather sofa is only a slight dirt, you can wipe with a damp cloth, and then dry cloth dry, you can also use the concentration of soap wash, and then let it dry naturally;
3, leather polishing method: leather sofa used for a long time will have a surface Ukraine feeling, you can use a clean soft towel dipped in water to clean the sofa 2 times, to be dry before sofa leather surface evenly leather polish, make sofa surface bright as new.

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